Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Monkey Chimes

Everyday, as I take the E-train to Midtown Manhattan from 42nd Street, I pass by a Chinese toy store, where a mousy little septuagenarian Oriental lady holds a toy monkey playing cymbals, with a pre-recorded high treble version of that annoying Aditya Narayan song, "Chota bacha samajh ke mujhko". While this moment automatically makes me feel like I'm trapped in some sort of Asian-dubbed Groundhog Day Bootleg DVD, it also makes me contemplate a variety of different plots to assassinate said monkey toy. One day, I shall prevail.

In other news, shall be embarking on a photographic journey of NYC this weekend, and publishing the same in a photo-journal on my website. Will keep you all posted.

1 comment:

Paresh said...

Buy the monkey.. then throw in the middle of Times Square.