Monday, July 03, 2006

Dosti jab kisi se ki jaye,
Dushmanon ki bhi rai lee jaye

(When you befriend someone, listen to the opinions of their enemies, as well)

Sudarshan Faakir's immortal words. In addition to the hyper-appreciation of inanities of Hindi Cinema and development of some lyrics of questionable integrity, got the opportunity to hit up New York City's Summerstage, with two of my catty homegirls, to catch the Balkan Beat Box performance between sets.

What I found most intriguing about their music, was the distinct Israeli influence with the 4 brass quartet, and the usage of a standard rhythm in all their tracks, which was distinctively Brooklyn. Being a major fan of the Balkan music movement, I thought that the music was rather breakbeat-ish, and very non-like the traditional marching-band association that has been built with their type of music. Have been hunting down their music ever since.

Also, much like several other protagonists, they have a distinct sound that doesn't change too significantly across their music - like their bass riffs and their percussion-style. And the best part is that it doesn't get repetitive -, it just becomes their "sound". What you come to expect of their music, especially their live sets. I found this type of structure unique to very few performers - Safri Duo, DJ Tandu, to name a few

You know which act I really wanna see, this Summerstage? Cheb I Sabbah and Riffat Sultana
Its going to be miraculous! New Yorkers, don't miss this act, and several others like Damien

J, im looking at you for pre- and post-gaming support. Salute!

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