Monday, May 29, 2006

Keep going till you hit the water. If you're wet, you're there.

Serenity. Peacefulness. Oneness with the Universe. All summed up in one word. Placid. Lake Placid. With the weather on my side (80 degrees all through) and a chockful of enthusiasm, I set off with my buds on a nice long drive up I-87, almost three-quarters of the way to Canada (which some members of the Immig. still believe to be my country of origin. Go figure, eh?). Was a wonderful warm weekend- complete with exquisite and high-end wine tasting, jet skiing, boating, spit barbecues and landscape photography. Not to mention, a LOT of R&R and cruising a convertible through the Adirondacks. Check out 'em pics.

Our hacienda. The Marriott Resort and Golf Course

My mode of transportation and chick magnet (attempted).

The lake itself. Isn't it gorgeous?

The Adirondack Mountain Range

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