Thursday, May 04, 2006


I'm all about the interludes today. Some instrumental solos from tracks that stand out and exclaim their presence and definition. Here are my top picks:

(1) Slash's Guitar Soliloquy (much more than a solo), in GNR's November Rain
(2) The Flute Solo in Tanhai (OST - Dil Chahta Hai, Music - Amar/Akbar/Anthony)
(3) The Weeping Violin Solo in Karunesh's Punjab

Also, did you notice the delicate rhythm and piano-based mood change in Khuda-Haafiz (OST-Yuva, Music: ARR). Verse 3 goes completely into jazzy Swing with touching piano flurries, and then blend back flawlessly, when Lucky Ali goes "Anjaana".

Ah, its official. Sun lo. Music is my raison d'etre.

And yes, big up to mah homegirl, Dubai's very own Mistress of Spices, for a fun long convo, ranging from (yes, i'll say it) gay sex to GlaxoSmith. Piece!

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