Saturday, March 18, 2006

No, No, Not Greenpeace. More like St. Patrick's Day, where everyone parties their paddy off. Had more than my share of $3.5 Irish beer and sheesha for a lifetime.

Allow me to soberize

Before I forget, comments of the night:

Nick: "With boxers, I'm just flipping and flopping, my boys need a home!"

Nita: Doesn't the Empire State Building seem kinda phallic, this time of the night?

Nick (again - on a f***ing roll): Lady Liberty looks like she could give some phenomenal head (yes, the HQ of the group at this point is pretty high - horniness quotient).

Vish: What time's the 5-o-clock bus leave?

Becky: Lets not start sucking each other's d***s, just yet (no, she's not like that. just quoting the Wolf from Pulp Fiction - or so the official story goes).

Becky: If I do throw up on you tonight, just know that I still love you, ok?

Good times, people, good times.

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