Thursday, March 23, 2006

Deep Pockets

What would you say about a movie that was made on a production budget of $25,000, and ended up grossing over $600 million? You'd say its pretty darn suckcessful, innit?

Well, that typo was intentional. The movie I'm talking about is Deep Throat, Gerald Damiano's directorial sleazefest that ushered in the sexual awakening of the 70s, and brought Linda Lovelace into instant stardom. Although the movie has the strangest premise, faced miserable controversy, skyrocketed a country-wide furor over Obscenity laws, was funded largely by the mob - but developed the grounding for what forms one of the most successful LIMO businesses (a management term for Less-In-More-Out) in the world - grossing over $57 billion worldwide - for what is essentially an underpaid, low production cost, initial investment - gold mine or not?

These thoughts are courtesy of the new exposive documentary, Inside Deep Throat, outlining the sexual revolution of the 70s leading into the volcanic burgeoning of the adult industry - all owed to this one movie that broke the ice, but with catastrophic results for its cast and crew - especially Linda "Lovelace", who met a tragic end in 2002 - while the San Fernando Valley Lords continue to thrive as the Sultans of Smut.

Thought-provoking, no?


Paresh said...

Seriously dude. It's about time we got into the industry. How many people out there want to see Arab , Indian and Pakistani women NOT dancing but just balls out in full sex mode. LIMO at its best.

E-Volver said...

uhhh .. how about ... not!