Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"If the tragedy of one Heer could make you cry, what would have happened if you were alive in 1947 when a million Heers were raped in the same land"- Amrita Pritam on Warris Shah

We reside in an era where religion is masked as a motivation behind heinous acts of mass destruction, it becomes essential for us to redefine the word itself. Religion - Untitled in its purest form. By giving it a name, you are not enhancing it, or personifying it. You are only insulting its characteristic chastity. Demoralizing its identity. I call it 'a nameless tribute to our source of existence'. Because in its anonymity, lies its essence. If we are destined to learn of it in entirety, someday, we will....... Let fate be the page turner for the book of circumstance. She does it best. How do I know that fate is feminine, you ask? Because she takes hours (ages) to make herself look presentable, but only a second to change her mind (course)".

Peace out, world.

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