Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Get this - "An argument broke out between US security personnel and the management of the [five-star] Le Meridien Hotel in New Delhi on Wednesday over the accommodation of 60 sniffer dogs that are part of President George W Bush’s security entourage. The US Embassy booked 70 rooms in the hotel in the Indian capital, where Bush will travel on Thursday. However, the hotel management was surprised to find that the rooms had been reserved for dogs".

Dogs? That's mean. Meridien Management, please don't talk about the President's chief advisors in that tone! He prefers that you refer to them as his "four-legged canine confidantes", with whom he shares his most personal thoughts, and whose opinion he considers equal to his own. Based on their woofs and fancies, Dubya has made some of the most key political decisions that have shaped his policy - the war, tax hikes, pooper-scooping Katrina, Social Security - which have made him the wonderfully loved, approval-laden President that he is today. In fact, you remember that scene in Fahrenheit, where Bush is informed about 9/11, and he sits quiet for nearly 15 minutes before leaving for D.C. - its only obvious what was going through his head. "Gosh, what would Rufus do?".

In other news, thanks for sharing your opinions on pro-choice and abortions, Dr. Parita Sahani ;-) Very profound info from a very insightful person :-)

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