Thursday, January 10, 2008

You know what really grinds my gears?

People who use the line, "I wanna say". Know what I mean? As in, "I was at the theater at ... uhh, .. i wanna say .. uhh .. 9 PM?".

Dude, if you "wanna say" 9 PM, then why don't you just say it? Wait a minute, you ARE saying it. Then what's with the "I wanna say" crap that you prelude it with. It sounds affected and annoying - and wherever you picked it up from, it isn't making you sound as cool as you think it is. If you're not sure about something, you could say "approximately", "nearly" or "I'm just plain daft", don't fake it up with "uhh I wanna say ...". You sound like Big Moose, dumb and delirious.

And that's what really grinds my gears. Tom?


xinu said...

Woah. Dude. Chillax. Who's got your panties in such a bunch? I bet its.. hmm.. I wanna say.. someone at work?

*runs for cover

ReEvolution said...

Chillax? Did you just say Chillax?

Btw - I have mentally nominated you to be the best replacement for Stewie Griffin's voiceover, in my immediate friend's circle.

Ah! I can imagine you going - "Blast, you Vile Woman! What the deuce? How dare you sully my good name by spreading your slanderous filth!"

ReEvolution said...

Xinu said...

Hehe, that was quite a funny video.. although I did not know Chillax was an Americanism.. I've never heard goras use it, only desis and.. well.. it sounds just like something a desi would dream up anyway :P

STEWIE ROX! But you praise too much my friend.. *BLUSH*.. (stomach, cease thy lustful quake!).. but I'm afraid I probably couldn't do the critter justice. :)