Wednesday, January 09, 2008


What would you call Juno? Reality? Sarcasm? A Tragicomedy? How about a Realisarcitragicomedy? And no, I'm not trying to play on those ever-so-annoying AT&T ads.

(I need a phone that works where I work. A place called ThisAdsSoBadlyScriptedThatImGonnaThrowUp)

Although the movie starts out with dialogue that seems almost read out of cue cards, because we are unable to relate to the film's format or visualize its end goal. But as we get to understand Juno's character better (and believe me, it doesn't take long), this movie is like real life, bent and wound, swung around a tree, and rammed with a baseball bat.

A chunky constitutent of the film's charm is Ellen Page, and how in-sync she is with the challengingly devised character. Juno is clearly unlike anything we have seen on screen before. She has more attitude and spunk than Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill trilogy put-together, and for a teenager, she has comebacks to make the Bronx blush. She's Punky Brewster on acid.

And to add to all that, she has one hell of a complicated life. And Juno is an unpretentious, voyeur's-eye view of it. Simplistically speaking, I'm glad someone made a well-scripted, funny, and bittersweet TEEN movie that doesn't oversimplify or patronize one of the most complex periods of our lives. Juno's bound to sweep up the globes.

In other news, I love Ankasa pillows.


Anonymous said...

Those are certainly gorgeous pillows. But.. err.. you're a boy.. shouldn't you be looking at cars and trucks instead? :P

E-Volver said...

No. I look at pillows. Why can't I look at pillows? How sexist! Isn't that sexist, Tinkerbell? Yes it is.

Psst, Tinkerbell is my pink collared chihuahua .... isn't she adorable? .... ermm ... yeah, you're right, xinu ... i'm starting to see a pattern.

(thinking up posts about Hummers and Ashok Leylands)

Zeenat Rasheed said...

Chihuahua? Hmm. I wouldn't have taken you for a dog person. Cats maybe. Turtles for sure. Possibly even hamsters/guinea pigs/bunnies. But not dogs... they're too manly :P