Friday, January 04, 2008

So, turning 27

.. today, isn't all that its steamed up to be.

As I'm short of words, I'll turn the baton to Vishesh, who shares this potent quote which he requested me to post on RevEv on this day. So here goes.


When I think about years gone by,
and what I'd still just like to do.
I pray to our Lord above,
to grant these things that I pursue.

But I keep adding to my story,
another chapter to proclaim.
For everything I'm doing now,
I don't do it for acclaim.

For I've paid my life long dues,
and now its time to play.
Just so long as I remember
to thank God when I pray.

Ahem ... thanks. I think?

In other news, Viva Capricorn!


Zeenat Rasheed said...


You've achieved a great deal in these 27 years (including a few unwanted pounds eh ;) so be proud of yourself today!

Got any fun plans for tonight?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Happy b'day :)

Paresh said...

So you're 27. Whatchoo want? A cookie? I hope you got my text and were offended by it.

Zeenat Rasheed said...

He wants you to want a cookie, just so that he can say "I eated it". Right P?

*..fags..mutter, mutter.."