Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Screwed-Up-Life-Portrayed-Effectively-On-Celluloid Pie

Fox Searchlight has been on a roll in terms of their alternative yet viable commercially genre, or as I like to call it Alt-Via-Com (Note to self: a good way to bide away time during recessive times is to come up with innovative, catchy yet utterly useless acronyms). Last year there was Water, Namesake, Once and Juno - all classics in their own right. And a bright little movie that may have gone unnoticed - Waitress. Like Once, it was a delightful hit at Sundance, as well.

And despite what the trailer may look like, its not a traditional romantic comedy, or RomCom (see? - I know, that's not an original one, but you get my drift). And although I'm not particularly fond of Keri Russell and her permanent knotted-eyebrow, frowny-face, she comes across fresh and warranted in this well-baked pie movie - a simple story of a depressed waitress in a Southern Country small town pie-diner. Do watch!

In other news, hoorah for Ellen Page and Juno for their well-deserved Oscar nominations - Juno was a true breath of fresh air from the comparatively darker films that have dominated this year's nominees. More on this soon.

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