Friday, February 16, 2007

Exception to Tharoor

Did anyone catch Shashi Tharoor on the Colbert Report, last night? The man was dignified, but subdued. Although Colbert tried to sarcastically-lapel pin accusations to Tharoor's coat, Tharoor took it in stride.

One of his responses was world-class, when he was askedhe quoted Charles Talleyrand-Perigord as saying, "The only thing you can't do with a bayonet is sit on it!"


Zeenat Rasheed said...

Ok, you and I both know that before this episode you had no idea that someone called "Charles Talleyrand-Perigord" existed..

And that you CLEARLY Google/Wikipedia'ed this by using the quote to find the name/spelling/bio of the French man with the polysyllabic name..

Just want to dispel any myths about you being a clever and cultured know-it-all :P

Anonymous said...

(vishal's bubble of pseudo-intellect, coated with fast-fingers and knowledge of existence of wikipedia to create perception of culture and cleverness)


xinu with hairpin


fyi - i didn't google him. he mentioned that he was quoting him on the show. i had closed-captioning on. hmph.

Zeenat Rasheed said...

Closed Captioning! Hmpft! How bourgeois!