Friday, February 16, 2007

All Quiet on the Western Front

Sorry for the silence. Was busy dodging enemy fire.

Dudes! Performancing still requires me to download a little thingie onto Firefox, is it not? Can't download anything cuz of company firewall. Way around this? Either that, or am not getting this right, or am just plain menopausal.


Paresh said...

it requires a download however, you can download it @ home, send it to your gmail and somehow install said software thru that? nein?

E-Volver said...

Can't access personal e-mail at work. We also don't have Firefox at work.

Basically, I'm Foodled, no?

Paresh said...

Wow dude. All you really need to do is get rocketpost and send it your work email and download the zip file then.