Thursday, September 21, 2006

It says "press any key". But I can't find the ANY key!

Ah, Simple way to sum up global issues, innit? Whether its religious heads who need to lookup the word "repercussions" in their historical dictionary, or rebellious green veggies spreading sickness. Its an absolute 'no way out' in most cases. Interestingly enough, on one hand, the Pope called Islam satanic, and on the other hand, Chavez called Bush the devil. By which analogy (taking me back to the SAT days), Dubya is a radical closet Moslem with a red pointy tail.

In other news, I don't get this whole argument that people profess when they say that Americans are crass and cultureless. This is predominant amongst desis. Why? Americans are not cultureless. They just have a culture which is categorically different from ours. Their viewpoints, their inhibitions (or the lack of them) and their generic attitude is tangential to ours. But it would be near-fascist to say that they were cultureless, for chrissakes.

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