Thursday, August 10, 2006

While certain well-fed film critics chomp away at Legacy of China after their review is obviously compensated by hefty sums and dim-sums, do await the original, the unbiased, the clean review of KANK which one shall submit, during the wee hours of Friday night, post-screening.

In other news, this evening is about, Rakhi on Times Square (funky, no? pictures will be posted), followed by Buddha Bar, and dinner and unwind at Rewind (Italian-Asian fusion food) on Essex Street. 2 more days and hedonism week dissolves into the weekend, marking the commencement of a 2-week hiatus in spiritual (i.e. consumption of spirits) activity.

No, I'm only kidding.

And remember, he who laughs last, probably didn't get the joke the first time.

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