Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Here ya go....

Dheem Tana: My universal anthem for World Peace
(Best experienced on a pair of good-quality surround headphones)

With wishes of love and peace,



Zeenat Rasheed said...

Its a very 80s Nazia-Zoheb Hassan polyphonic effects meets Kaho Ek Din's Dheem Tana type of sound :)

Honest 1st reaction: don't know if I like it.. seems pretty peppy for a song about a serious topic no? Tune's a little hard to follow.. seems a bit like a mishmash of different songs, so you expect it to go in one direction and it goes in another.

Just a thought :)

Anonymous said...

Disagree. I think his point was that all songs about war and peace dont have to be rondhu.

V- I think its really really catchy. Needs work as far as recording quality goes but this must be one of ur home recordings.

Different from your usual piano ballads.