Thursday, August 24, 2006

In aankhon ki masti....

The legendary courtesan's tale, immortalized by the combined talents of Khayyam, Rekha and Muzzafar Ali.

This time around, its J. P. Dutta, Anu Malik and Aishwarya.

The 1981 classic was a hallmark film for Indian cinema for superlative performances, music and uber-delicate screenplay, and its to be seen whether this movie lives up to its predecessor's legacy.

Its as good as remaking Sholay. And its not a wonder that no one has had the courage (or audacity) to take up this gargantuan task of a remake. The chances of flack are always greater than the chances of glory - because half the film community writes the film off before it evens hits the floors.

Anyhow, its Aishwarya, people. All I can say is ... haye.... (translation: *sigh*)

In other news, if KANK inspired homicidal intent, can I prepare my deathwish post-Krrishh? Grrrrr!

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