Saturday, August 26, 2006

Few films ...

... have had the finesse and quiet elegance of Lamhe. I still consider this to be one of Bollywood's most consummate cinematic attempts, and although it wasn't a commercial success, its a film I hold really close to my heart. Had the pleasure of re-watching it a few weeks ago, and it was an experience.

A lot of people (read:neanderthals) say my blog isn't educational enough. Now, I use big words like neanderthals, and I consider that an education for both myself and others.

Nevertheless! In defiant retaliation (read:Dutch courage), I would like to launch a new section on Revolution Evolution. A factoid tag to end all my future posts for the next month, which I would like to call "P.U.C.Ts", which stands for P.U. Chunks of Trivia, the first initials standing in commemoration (read:*grin*hmpft) of a school teacher and quiz grillmaster who broiled brains for a living, and made trivia a very non-trivial and controversial part of 4 individual lives - back me up on this one, P. (Complete name of P.U. hidden in fear of author being googled, hunted down and forcible made to marry her first-born - aaargh! nooo! happy thoughts! happy place!)

So here goes! Smile for the camera...

PUCT of the Day: The only lizard that has a voice is the Gecko. Isn't that roit, mate?

(Also, PUCT stands for Public Utility Commission of Texas. Doh! I will now be sued by a bunch of effeminate Cowboy Plumbers. The kind who know how to wrench their monkey, and who coyishly stare at toilets going "I wish I could fix you").

In other news, check out the music montage sampler of Don: The Chase Begins ... Again. Hot stuff! I loved Yeh Mera Dil and the original, Aaj Ki Raat - great vocals by Mahalaxmi (as mom said, very unlike her usual style). Khaike is legit!

Good weekend!

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