Sunday, December 21, 2008

Don't believe in mincing those words, do you, SRK?

Question: Aamir kick-started the final promotions for his film Ghajini with the release of your film. Your comment?

SRK: I think it is a very good strategy. He thinks he can ride off the brand that is Shah Rukh Khan, which is the biggest brand. The problem is, I cannot ride on any other brand as there is no brand bigger than me!

Daym, son!


Zeenat Rasheed said...

Yeah I heard about this today. Douche.

If my brand management professor ever met SRK, he'd shoot him.

He spent half the semester insisting, "People are NOT brands!"


Paresh said...

Wow. The problem is that we're mixing Splenda with Sugar in terms of brand.

SRK's the Sugar - too much will kill you.

Aamir's the Splenda - you should be consuming it, it is better for you but it just feels so inaccessible. What will people think if they heard you were using a sugar substitute that was good for you?

or something like that.