Sunday, December 14, 2008

Behka Main Behka

When I first heard this song, I figured that the video would have to be extremely "hatke" to match up to the work Rahman has done with it. Its amazing to see the creativity and spirit that Bollywood exudes during the process of film-making. The industry has certainly come a long way. While Aamir does look a tad bit haggard, must laud his tenacity and ability to reinvent himself so brilliantly.

Ghajini's looking drastic! Can't wait.

Note to Ahmed Khan - R&B is Rhythm and Blues, not Rhythm and Bass.


Zeenat Rasheed said...

Err yeah, Ahmed Khan needs a little bit of musical education methinks. Not only because he doesn't know the definition of R&B but also because there was absolutely nothing R&B about this song.

Aamir Khan is amazing. Sure he's a little wrinkly but look at that body! He's pulling off the Shahid Kapur look even though he's twice his age. SRK looks like an idiot when he does that. Aamir is genius, simply indigenius. That's all I can say about him.

Who is the chick by the way? That's not Jiah Khan, so I'm still confused who is who in this movie.. but it looks like it'll be really good. Looking forward to seeing Aamir in a masala pikchar after so long :)

E-Volver said...

Agreed about Aamir. He's legendary at these kinda things.

The chick is Asin, the Southie hottie who played the same role in the original Ghajini ... well, tough to call it original, as its taken so much inshpiration from Memento .. but yeah, the Tamil Ghajini.