Sunday, April 30, 2006

Extremists! Nothing but a bunch of misguided fundamentalists, who lack fundamentals, itself! People who need to take a step behind, backtrack and realize that each day, they are taking our world closer to oblivion, and lowering the collective global conscience curve. We're metres away from damnation, and its soulless religious mavericks, like them, who are assuring us front row seats to the show. What shocks me is how pointless it all is? What price independence .. or freedom ... or communal superiority, when international secularism itself has been interred without a dignified tombstone, even.
Aight, by public demand, a cleaner, unplugged version of Deewana, here.

I'm too busy trying to figure out if Manhattan will be achievable on Monday morning, with all the burritos and muchachos on strike. Damn - guess this means no delivery boys. Gotta step OUT for lunch. Life sucks.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

This is the ONLY thing on me wishlist. The Strke/AP rendition of the song DEFINES my college years, when I discovered Claude Challe's godliness. These downtempo lounge dubs are PHENOMENAL. Check out the samples, get hooked ... and don't just call her, STALK her ;-) (what a lame ass teen movie line, N)
Bono at last year's commencement at Penn. What a speech!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I get the moving through a crowd and interrupting a loud cellphone talker part, but why say "Excuse me" when you request someone's attention at a store? Isn't that their job, to give you their attention and earn a commission? Why "excuse" yourself - is it such a heinous sin, to get them out of their daydreaming and nail-filing to help you buy your merchandise? Hmph. The kind of parameters we set for ourselves, and expect to follow them, all the live long life. Part of us are too pre-occupied to question it, and most of us are too lazy to modify it.

Funny enough was my colleague, Debashish, from India, who made the glorified mistake of asking a "person of African descent" for directions in SoHo. So, while Denzel keeps ending every statement with "knowhatimsayin", young Debashish keeps clarifying "yes, I do know what you are saying, sir" - to the extent that Jamal goes "You making funna me, n****?".

Bengal's son Debashish is a little too dark for you to notice his black eye.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Make Music, Not War. Turning rifles into guitars - pure genius!

Yes, I know. I've been out of circuit, out of commission - whatchamaycallit. But in the words of an inane governor, I'll be Bach!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Get outta here!!
My muse - Elisha Cuthbert ..... My song - Deewana

You know the drill - rough track, 4 AM recording. But 'catchy tune' is something i'm getting ever so often, so do check it out.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ek Pal Ke Liye - Ankahee (listen to the Sonu Nigam version, all the others are trash)

You can literally see the influences on Pritam's music staring out at you...

The line "Ek Pal Ke Liye" ... the verse of O Haseena Zulfon Waali ("Garm hain, shaukh hain, yeh nigaahein meri")

The line "Phir kya ho kya khabar" all the way till "Phir ho na jaaye seher" .... "Lafzon mein keh na sakun" by Abhijeet Sawant

Pritam, aan milo?

Friday, April 21, 2006

They're taking the subway fares up AGAIN? Man!

The MTA is seriously a reverse ATM -> it just keeps taking money away from you, people!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

PFlirt: see you have these 3 personalities
PFlirt: i have detected
PFlirt: there is the Working Vish
PFlirt: the 9-5er, he wishes, who is like a regular working future ceo, killing himself and slaving and giving a f***
PFlirt: then there is the Weekend Vish
PFlirt: who is the opposite of Working Vish
PFlirt: see above line and put not behind all the words
PFlirt: then there is the what should I call him Vish
PFlirt: the Chilled Vish
PFlirt: the guy that is all knowing, the guy that is able to take you anywhere in NJ or NYC and even to places that don't exist and the guy that can write a song based on a sentence, the guy that can make you laugh and the guy that is basically the S***
PFlirt: so what's the difference between weekend vish and chilled vish you ask

PFlirt: about 8 drinks
PFlirt: basically, weekend vish was chilled vish until he takes the bus into NYC

wow ....... what more can I say ..... we are in the company of genius, people .....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hazy weekend, and I don't imply the weather. Saw "Thank You for Smoking" at a party in Manhattan (yes, one of those shady "Phyve Dollah Phyve Dollah" DVDs from the subway), and I've gotta admit - that's quite an interesting sarcomedy there. It had its inspired moments, with the hard-hitting subtitles at key moments, but there was lack of uniformity in that segment - i.e. there shouldve been more of those. Otherwise - the political incorrectness. Forced at times, pleasing at some. All in all - worth a watch, and im glad this movie is out of the "select theatres" category, and has been upgraded to "a theatre near you" ;-)

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Best Ad for a Law firm, specializing in divorces and separations! Pure Genius. Courtesy of one of the best patient flirts I know.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

"Is true love a trip to Chinatown
Or being held in one's opium gaze
Under the peach trees
There I'll sit and wait

Is true love a long walk through Bryant park
Or being held in the month of May
under the peach trees
There I will be, will be until you come and get me

Cause I'm so tired of waiting in restaurants
reading the critics and comics alone
With a waiter with a face made for currency
Like a coin in ancient Rome"

- Peach Trees,
Rufus Wainright

Rufus seriously had a love affair with the city of New York. However, the "waiter with a face made for currency" line still rings in my ears - key descriptive ability. Kinda takes the foci away from the central element, but then Peach Trees was always a mysterious track. A song from the soundtrack of the movie, Prime - which has a really really awesome make-out scene between Uma Thurman and Bryan Greenberg. Very heartfelt.

And of course, the line of the weekend - Nicole recounted the oft-remembered, oft-forgotten line from The Bachelor, "Its amazing to be with someone who looks at you when you're old, and sees what you think you look like". Ah, so well put. I'll have what that writer was drinking when he wrote that.


Saturday, April 15, 2006

so what would you rather be - a tease or a whore? maybe you'd like to be a hybrid variety ... like a twore or a whease. but i know certain people who are quite content being patient flirts, or pflirts.

if you didn't understand any of this, join the Society to Ban Delirious Blogging Between the Hours of 5 and 6 AM (I would abbreviate that, but I'm not THAT retarded - emphasis on THAT).
'Fasana' was born last week. Rough trial available here.

Props to M for some wicked guitarwork. You rule!
Thievery Corporation RULEZ!!!!! Buy or Sample their CD NOW!

Friday, April 14, 2006

The Jews have Jon Stewart. African-Americans have Dave Chapelle. C'mon people, even the Mehicans have Carlos Mencia. Isn't it time a desi comedian got a stand-up act on ComCen? Oye Russell. Somebody's gotta get a show real bad!

Today was officially the first beautiful day of Spring for me. Just a gentle breeze, perfect weather. Lou's Cafe on 5th Ave. opened up its outdoor patio. Had a comfortable sit-down date with False Impression, biting on a Caesar Salad and sipping on my Pinot Noir, after work. No, I don't pretend to like Pinot just because of Sideways, I really have respect for that grape.

In other news, FOBs are getting beaten badly by the new immigration laws. Makes me think that FOB should now stand for "F***ed Over by Bush". Peace, people. Have a Good Friday, and a F'Easter.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Fanaa ... Aamir .... Kajol ....

In order to describe Kajol in her comeback vehicle, I'd like to do a Janice .... ahem ... OH ... MY ... GOD!

I can either be employed or funny ... take your pick ....

work is significantly hazardous to my (non)sense of humor.

new discovery.

Book of the Year: The much-awaited False Impressions by Jeffrey Archer - out now in hardcover for $27.15. Finally! This book has been out in India and Europe for over half a year now, and I find it quite annoying that my friends and family have access to an Archer before me. But as for the book, its written in true Archeristic twist-in-the-tale style, FI is quite a whirlwind, and keeps me totally occupied on the Manhattan bus commute. Oops, correction, its Lord Jeffrey Archer who (according to the book's jacket) spent six years serving in the House of Lords and two serving in Her Majesty's prisons. You've been Served, Archie ;-)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"aur zara si de de saaqi ... aur zara si ... (hic)"

I have always been curious about the connotations between the Urdu term "saaqi" (meaning, wine-bearing damsel - kinda like a Urdustani Geisha) and the poet, Saki. A few discussions with some well-read associates led me to understand that Saki was the pen-name of Burmese reactionary, Hector Munro, who was a predominant misogynist and Anti-Semite.

Truth is, that he did borrow his pseudonym from the name of the cup-bearer in the Rubaiyyat of Omar Khayyam, "Saki". :-)

Although there is no relation between Saki and the word, sarcasm - most of his writing is highly sarcastic (albeit, hilariously well-worded). Wonder why? I learnt that Munro's mom was reportedly killed by a runaway cow in England. Now, wouldn't that be enough of an experience for one to view the world through crap-colored lenses? Runaway COW, people! jeez!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Yes! Its finally here! The Tribeca Film Festival!

The alternative artistry that makes New York so authentically New York! When people pack into Loews to watch 30 minute - 125 minute movies that didn't make it mainstream because people didn't have the time to evaluate or value these unsung artisans. Its good to take a break from our laugh-a-riot or space-voyaging or pre-pubescent's-riding-broomsticks-while-people-who-need-a-haircut-watch-on adventures - to appreciate something that got lost in the crowd of mad box-office dollar-hunters - meaningful, quality cinema.

Tickets go on sale today, and I'm already picking out my choices to check out! There's also an Indo-inspired flick called "Return to Rajapur" in there somewhere. So many choices, so little time.

Friday, April 07, 2006

2:00 AM. Messing with Audacity.

This one's still got a few rhythmic issues - mainly cuz no one's willing to sponsor me some real DJ mix software. But I think its a cool concept.

Check it out here. I call it "Rising Temperature".
I'm sorry but don't stories like this - just add more fuel to the fire of biased racist opinion towards a particular community being far more belligerent than others?

holla back, n****?
Ah. How interesting.

Better ‘Saif’ Than Sorry

An informal chit-chat with Saif Ali Khan

I had the exceptional opportunity of interacting with Saif while he was touring for the Temptations concert series across the country. With a whirlwind schedule, he rarely had the time to sit down and take a quick breath. The ground management team had been deputed to receive him from La Guardia at 5 am. Usually stars are late, but this time, the ground team were the ones who showed up 20 minutes late. And there was Saif, busily instant messaging on his cellphone. He was an image of energy and zeal, and hardly showed any signs of jet tiredness. And most importantly, he didn’t reprimand them for being late at all. He brushed it off with a simple “Hota hai, yaar”.

Through out the limo drive from La Guardia to his hotel in midtown Manhattan, he continued to show his exclamation at New York City Traffic, which is not too different from Mumbai City with the exception of cattle, two-wheelers and rickshaws. Although the initial symptoms of jet lag were kicking in, he was exuberantly ready for a quick chat.

With regards the upcoming Kerry-Bush Debate, whom do you support?

Frankly I really don’t know the technical difference of being a Republican or a Democratic since I haven’t lived in this country or understood its political policies.. It really doesn’t matter to me as long the party who wins support India.

You’ve been all over America as part of the Temptations Tour. Which is your favorite place to be?

Are you kidding me? New York City, of course! I had a wonderful time with the entire cast and crew of Kal Ho Naa Ho. The best part about the Big Apple is the fact that every time you are here, you feel that there is still so much more to explore. I can never be bored in New York. There’s always so much to do.

Which is your favorite shopping area in New York?

Without doubt, the Village.

What are your favorite designers?

I adore Ralph Lauren’s Polo and DKNY. I really like the Diesel collection as well, as the clothes are the most comfortable. I love to wear them.

With your dad being an exceptional cricketing icon, did you ever think of taking up cricket as a career?

I can't play cricket. Well, not as well as Ajay Jadeja at least. I played a lot of cricket in school. I enjoy the game and of course, its in my blood. I am greatly inspired by my dad. But I didn't want to play club cricket. I wanted to do something where I am among the best in that profession. Today, I feel I have achieved that.

Would you like to share your wildest college experience?

(smiles) Well, my college life was very wild indeed. But being wild in the '80s was not the same as being wild in the '90s. Back in the day, having a couple of cans of beer was wild. Today, its commonplace. We used to party all night and things like that. College was great fun. There was so much independence and ‘masti’ in the air.

I was in boarding school in Winchester, England. I remember that there was a good-looking, burly Italian guy in my school. It was my first night in school and he came up to me saying that I am very sweet and chikna and that he wants to sleep with me on the same bed. I was 11 at the time and started to cry. Then I realised that it was a prank. That was funny. Well not at the time, but today when I look back it, I crack up.

The past few months, there have been many rumors about your personal life….

All I really want to do is clear the rumours regarding me and Amrita. Yes, it’s true that we aren’t staying together. But there’s no bitterness or anguish over it. There have been differences which, we both decided, were best sorted out by parting ways amicably. But wherever I am and whoever I am with, my priority will be my work, my kids and Amrita. I will never let any harm fall on them. I would rather not talk too much about any other aspect of my personal life, especially Roza.

A few weeks back there was this news that you no longer want to be part of multi-starrers or even two-hero projects. Is that true?
That's all rubbish. I know I don't sell solo, so why would I be averse to acting in multi-starcast films? I am perfectly alright with it. No doubt, you sometimes feel insecure in a two-hero film when the other hero has better lines than you, but then you can't help that.

And on that note, I bid Saif goodbye as he went on to catch some sleep at his hotel and geared up for a thunderous performance at the Nassau Colisseum that night. But, I have to admit, that if you’re ever stuck in New York City traffic from Queens to Manhattan, nothing beats the hysterical company of Saif Ali Khan.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Comfortable Silence

Interesting, na? Something that came up in a conversation between me and my "acquired taste". The higher end objective of any relationship. When you don't feel obligated to make small talk all the time. Comfortable Silence is essential - not only is it a turning point, but its a rare stage that very few couples achieve. Not to be confused with Awkward Silence or "I-Couldn't-Give-A-F***" Silence, CS is an absolution that many will disregard as commonplace - but little do they know, that its another fascinating other-worldly-experience altogether.

In other news, Dubya is retarded.
According to a documentary on Discovery Health, the best place to meet women (read: pick up women) is .. hold your breath - not a bar or a club - but at a supermarket. Apparently, because of certain "hormones" that are at work while a woman is "shopping" at a supermarket for necessities, are the ones that make her more open to "choice" and "selection".

The chances of a woman picking up "someone" who may not really look like a "greek god" are much brighter at a supermarket.

Shop-Rite anyone?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I had forgotten about The Verve, after Bittersweet Symphony - but there's this track of theirs that I heard recently which I haven't been able to get out of my head. Brilliantly composed, standard white-rock guitar notations - but its all in the feel.

Check it out - Lucky Man (The Verve) from the OST of The Girl Next Door.
Inside Man. Spike Lee's joint is smokin!

My favorite dialogue:

The Sardar Guy: I can't even get across an airport line without being 'randomly' searched.

Denzel: But I bet you can get a taxi quicker than I can ;-)


Saturday, April 01, 2006

hai liye hathyaar dushman
taak mein baitha udhar
aur hum taiyaar hai
seena liye apna idhar
khoon se khelenge holi
gar watan mushkil mein hai
sarfaroshi ki tamanna
ab hamare dil mein hai

haath jinme mein ho junoon
katt te nahi talwaar se
sar jo uth jaate hai woh
jhukte nahi lalkaar se
haath jinme mein ho junoon
kat te nahi talwaar se
Aur bhadke ga
jo shola-sa hamare dil mein hai
sarfaroshi ki tamanna
ab hamare dil mein hai

hum to ghar se nikale hi the
baandh kar sar pe kafan
Jaan hatheli pe liye
lo bad chale hai yeh kadam
Jindagi to apni mehmaan
maut ki mehfil mein hai
sarfaroshi ki tamanna
ab hamare dil mein hai
Dil mein toofanon ki doli
aur nason mein inquilab
hosh dushman ke udadenge
hamein roko na aaj
dur rehpaaye jo humse
dum kahan manzil mein hai
sarfaroshi ki tamanna
ab hamare dil mein hai

sarfaroshi ki tamanna
ab hamare dil mein hai
Immigration Laws. Changes to immigration laws being discussed in senate. Yeah right! I'll believe it when I see it.

Till then - its just a vicious game of "Alien vs. Senator" ;-)

Have a fun weekend, peeps.
"Oral with rubber? What are you .. vegetarian?"

I'm sorry ... but that was just too funny to resist! Reminds me of Aladdin in American Desi asking people for "rubber". I laugh now, but that's what I used to do back in 8th grade as well.

What to do ... When in Rome, Do the Romans.