Monday, June 30, 2008

Lost in Time

Where is Ahmed Jahanzeb? After the brilliance of "Parastish" back in the day, he just faded away.

The ability of certain thoughts, memories and even, songs, to fade away with time is quite scary. Makes one realize how imminent the end really is. Kaho Ek Din is a brilliant number, though, as is Aap Ki Yaad.

In other news, currently sampling Fuzon's Journey. Its the latest album of the new avatar of the group (sans Shafquat). The lead singer is the new face/new sound Rameez Mukhtar, and the group is going to several heights to resuscitate and prove that Fuzon "2.0" is as marketable as its former life - including getting cricketer Wasim Akram to feature in the music video. It would be best not to pit Rameez against Shafquat, because the comparison is sheerly unfair. One will miss the early Fuzon feel from the days of Shallum and Shafquat being together, because the freshness of that sound was awesome. Giving the sound an unbiased listening currently, and shall update soon. Regardless of the disbanding, brilliance in melodies like "Khamaj" will live forever.


Zeenat Rasheed said...

I was thinking about Parastish just today! I need to find the CD and add it to my new iPod.. it was a fantastic album.

Anonymous said...

You know what, I can't find my copy of the CD anywhere. Can we share?