Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Maane Tu Ya Maane Na

JTYJN - One of those soundtracks, folks. The ones that hook you so badly, that your IPod has them songs on repeat, over and over and over, and you still can't get enough. Love what ARR has done with this album. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is the good ol' classic, no-frills Rahman, with simplicity in his arrangements and ill chorus hooks that grip you tight. It brings back memories of Rangeela and Roja (still remember listening to Yeh Haseen Wadiyaan for the first time, and going - "daym, who is this guy?").

I haven't heard a melancholic anthem in recent times, as haunting and theatrical as "Jaane Tu Mera Kya Hai". First the female version, and then the male Sukhwinder version. If heard in the right frame of mind, its capable of inspiring a lot of memories, and moving one to tears. Sheer brilliance! Complete review here.

In other news, the maladies of the current state of the investment banking universe in NYC is encapsulated brilliantly on Leveraged Sellout. Great read! Funny 'cuz its true :-)


Paresh said...

I have to check this out. It's on my hard drive, I just haven't listened. Maybe this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Highly recommended, dude!

Listen to it on your music system, on its most optimal settings, over a drink or three.