Thursday, May 22, 2008

Craving for Simplicity

Was listening to the soundtrack of Haal-e-Dil, featuring a smorgasbord of MDs ranging from Vishal Bharadwaj to Raghav Sachar. Some of the Sonu Nigam tracks on it made me think of the simplicity of earlier times, and the musical compositions of the yesteryears.

The emphasis was on melody. There was no need for harmonies, and percussion, and parallel tracks, and 7ths, and complicated interludes, and chord changes. There was just magical simple melody. Today, music is a production. And its appreciable. Technology has advanced, and music is multi-dimensional. But, a Madan Mohan melody will remain just as timeless in the next decade. So will an "Ae Ajnabi". So will anything that's based on simple and sincere melody, that never has an expiration or renewal date. Technology, sadly, always does.

In other news, the title track of Haal-e-dil is haunting and a half. Something surreal about the way the raag works, along with the light electronica and ensembles at the back. Music by Vishal B who is brilliant in this genre, striking just the right balance between all the elements, and sung by Rahat (with background parts by Shreya). Love the raag, the rhythm and the build, and of course, Rahat's vocals. Grips you, the same way that Tanhai from Dil Chahta Hai did.

Haal-E-Dil - Haal-E-Dil Haal-E-Dil.mp3 -

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