Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Words create lies. Pain can be trusted!

Catch that, and you're golden.

Thanks for all the props on Yaad. It was a rather heartfelt track. Fueled by a lot of variegated emotions from many incidents involving many different souls over the last few months. But it all comes together, in the end.

Recommended Listening: Kenny G's version of the Simon-Garfunkel hit, Sound of Silence. Don't miss the background/intro-resemblance to the opening of Ae Mere Humsafar from QSQT.

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Zeenat Rasheed said...

Nice :)

BTW forgot to tell you how much I liked Lonely Sunsets.. really sweet stuff :)

Have you heard this old ghazal type song by Pankaj Udhas/Sadhna Sargam called 'Kabhi aansun kabhi khushbu' ? Somewhat cheerful but very much up your alley, ready for a re-make :)