Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Keep that shirt on!!!

Salman Khan's new venture, Marigold, has its music out for listening, on Smashits. The song that really stands out is "Yeh Pyaar Kya Hai" by Shaan - the opening notes bear a striking resemblance to Bryan Adam's Summer of '69 - the format of the song, too. Catch it if you can.

In other news, was watching the CNN-You Tube Democratic Debates - with Anderson Cooper doing a fine job of moderating. You know what's interesting about these debates? Now, these are a group of finely educated, well-groomed, finished adults, who are supposed to be idolized by millions around the country, as future leaders of this glorious nation. Then, why, pray tell, can they NOT answer a single question straight? Masters of spin, they. They convert any question into a campaign plug. I mean, it wentsomething like this.

Anderson: Are the troops not coming back from Iraq, a part of the Republican's spin machine?
A: When I am President, Anderson, it will be my opening initiative to ensure that the troops come back to the US safely and as soon as possible.

Anderson (wishing he did a shot of Cuervo before the debate): Senator, I believe the question was whether the troops.....
A: I believe the question should be whether any of my worthy opponents would be capable of executing a successful exit strategy by March 2008.

Anderson: *sigh*


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