Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gogo-jee? .... aapka ghaghra...

The week trails on like a reluctant ghaghra. On and on again.

I had the cutest conversation with J this morning - went like this...

J: Workin'?
V: Vigorously
J: Hmm rough, innit? Ate summin'?
V: No... say ... what about 'breakfast at tiffany's'?
J: Well ... I remember the film.... and as I recall ... I think we both kinda liked it.
V: Well, that's one thing we got.

Ah, forgotten melodies. Who was that band anyway?

And remember .... Only a true South Indian can see a "Nathan Lane" billboard and go "Wow.. that says Nathan .. as in Swaminathan".

In other news, Irish fans are now burning effigies of Big Brother producers to outpour their love for Shilpa Shetty.


The world is truly moving in an interesting direction.

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