Sunday, January 21, 2007

Assume the Position

Sundance-recommended and as part of my self-inflicted series of serious cinema and dark comedies - Watched James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal in Steven Shainberg's The Secretary, a dark comedy-drama that throws a little light into the nether worlds of the dominant-submissive romance world, within the intricately-bonded S&M community.

Would put this flick right up there with Eternal Sunshine, but the pace of the film prevents me from doing so. Instead of using the BDSM tinge in a darker or negative sense as in the past (serial killer, repressed individual), Secretary evaluates the realism associated with people of this alternative community. NYC has become more and more accepting of this sub-culture, as you find a lot of leashes and collars down the East Village these days.

As is usual with society in this century, the exception soon becomes the norm.

Amazing background score by Angelo Badalamenti (David Lynch's favorite). Sample it here on Amazon. The recommended track is of course, the main title - one of the most haunting pieces I've heard in a while.

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