Sunday, November 27, 2005

So, I bought Nasreen Munni Kabir's documentary on the life of India's demi-god, Shah Rukh Khan, entitled the Inside and Outside World of SRK. Two DVDs. One - Inside, One - Outside. Nice touch. Although Outside focuses largely on the Temptations 2004 tour and SRK's on-stage and backstage antics, and audience reactions over the entire tour - Inside focuses on the star's lifestyle back in Mumbai, his past, his desires ... all in all, the documentary inspires a surprising set of emotions by the time you're done with it. Its not an expose. its not a wowflick. It makes you feel that Shah Rukh is only real and human, you can literally smell the limelight that he is exposed to everyday. But it makes you feel sad for him, in a way. Especially during the silent shots of him staring into space, waiting for a shot or a stagecall - or sleeping in a closet, backstage in Atlanta. It makes you feel that the price of stardom is too high to pay. Thank god for normalcy! :-)

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