Thursday, March 15, 2007


Notice when two people from a common technical background meet, its almost natural for them to exchange words or phrases completely ununderstandable to people around them - purely in an effort to prove their esoteric commonalities. Almost like they're trying to justify to themselves, to the other guy, and to people around them, that they worked their bezonkers off to get to their technical mantle.

Like say, two computer programmers?

Hey, Hi, I'm Arun, I'm a programmer.
Hi Arun, I'm Shyam, I'm a programmer too?
Really? Tango-Charlie BCD+ QQWERTY QWERTY.... and then they go off on some wierd blimpy language to establish that they are one, find common ground, and then return to earth to talk to the commoners. Meanwhile everyones standing around them with a short circuit.

Even two university students?
Hey, meet Alex, he went to University of Yonkers too, just like you.
You did? What about that Prof. Lieberman. What a hard-ass, no? Didn't breakfast at the Quad suck?

Yeah I know. Didn't have too much of a point there. But its a thought, no doubt!

In other news, Penn Masala Spring Show, March 24th, 7 PM, Irvine. Launching Pehchaan! Looking forward to a ridiculous weekend with the crew!


Anonymous said...

You are so always mis-spell 'weird'..!

Zeenat Rasheed said...

this is true!

Hrshyskss said...

I know right! He's been doing it since JNTU!!! Funny--he corrects my Hindi Spellings and this one word of his, I can never get him to spell properly! It is adorable though; ;-) I have been tempted to call Oxford for a revision!