Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Walk the Line (Roar!)

Until fairly recently, I thought that the Equator was an imaginary lion that ran across the center of the earth. This is owed greatly due to the exquisite pronunciation abilities of my Ernakulam-ite schoolteachers, wokay? I used to think that people in Equatorial Guinea and Ethiopia used to constantly live in fear that they will be mauled by a passing, globe-trotting lion during its manic marathon of many miles. Strange things kids be learning, y'all?

In other news, why would anyone in their right mind name their kids Dimple, Twinkle and Simple? SIMPLE??? I can't imagine her ever receiving an award for Most Unique Student. Picture it! "2005's Most Extraordinary Student is Simple". What is she, a 5th grade subtraction sum? Simple. Same goes for Joy and Boy. Parents - get creative! or at least get a higher-grade level dictionary from which you blind-choose these names of yers.

Peace out, world.

1 comment:

Paresh said...

You know because being named River, Rain, Summer and Joaquin is any better.