Sunday, January 22, 2006

Still Looking!

"Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World". By far, one of the WORST scripted shams I have seen in recent time. Leads me to think - what the hell were they thinking? Especially Albert Brooks. The film should have been conclusively titled "The Futile Search for Comedy in the Muslim World", because evidently Albert was looking the wrong places. Except for a couple of dated jokes on Indian call centers, and a few pointless puns, the movie falls flat on its face. Sheetal Sheth delivers a convincing performance - decent concept, devastatingly executed, the film starts, proceeds and most of all, ends shabbily. Repetitively annoying dialogues and a tacky screenplay - the true comedy of this film is in the sheer misguided execution of this project. Clearly, these people have NOT done their research and continue to portray a bare, stark view of India - to further feed and engorge the pre-existing misconceptions of the Western world. One word - Pathetic!! Ughh!

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