Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Deewana liye jaaye, naam tera sanam,
Mera yeh dil chaahe, saath tera sanam,
Mushkil badi hai yeh dooriyaan,
Yeh zindagi ki majbooriyaan,
Qismat ne ki bewafaai sanam, kaise sahein yeh tanhaaiyaan"

Yes, that's Don Juan-ic as I can get for the day. Have been trying to work on this song for ages, much to my chagrin. But like Tolstoy's War And Peace, it never finishes! Have the chord structure laid out, have the lyrics down - but just need that momentous projection to get it done with. Any takers?

Saddam pleads innocent. I don't get it. He has no home to go to. He has nobody to call his own. He's stuck in a land, far far away from where used to be, surrounded by people who hate him. And still he pleads innocent. Dude, you're lucky you're not breathing out of a tank yet. You're lucky that you haven't been written off as a "Slipped-in-shower-and-died" case by the resounding Pentagong (mispelt conveniently so that I don't have an RV with antennae hanging around my apartment after I post this - pardon me, I live in a paranoid nation).

Katrina ke baad, its Wilma, now. Can't these people get a little creative with their names. I mean, hurricanes need to sound DEVASTATING. They need names like Rex or Tyrone - something mean and realistic. Not cutesy names like Wilma. What's next? Typhoon Barney and Cyclone Fred running up the coast in their wood-and-stone jalopy, with a dinosaur in the backseat? Gimme a break. How come they don't name other natural disasters. "San Andreas was hit by a 7.6 this week, marking the return of Earthquake Pikachu". Maybe they should name earthquakes after crashed stocks - there's a symbolism. Think about it.

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Paresh said...

that earthquake in pakistan should've been called Harshad