Wednesday, October 26, 2005

2001. Must've been a cold, dreary night. Raindrops racing each other down a window. Found this one on the distorted pages of an old notebook, whose supposed raison d'etre was to help me keep track of Bandwidth Analysis lectures. It's called "Jeevan Sahara". (for those of you in the know ... its a geet, not a ghazal)

Ae dil tu mujhko bataade,
Kyun chaaee hai tanhaai,
Chahat yeh mere man ki,
Kyun aise rang laee,
Ae zindagi, yeh samjhade mujhko,
Is mod par kyun ruki hai,
Aankhein jo thi mera jeevan sahara,
Mujhe dekh kar kyun jhuki hain

Dil ka yeh hai afsaana,
Tujhko hi hai bataana,
Tere bina mera jeevan adhura,
Tumse milne ki tamanna hai,
Na tum miloge, na hum milenge,
raatein yun kat jaayengi,
Na tum kahoge, na hum kahenge,
baatein yun reh jaayengi

(I think the intricate usage of the title of this track, in the penultimate line of the first stanza is key. It subtly forms a part of the song, instead of being in the limelight and getting repeated several times (a la songs like Saathiya, etc.). Kinda like the word "Parineeta" is used just once in the entire album, that too - ever so delicately.

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