Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I heart Sugandha Garg

There are so many people in my life that her character in JTYJN ("Shaleen") reminds me of. Especially owed to her natural acting, and the way she just slipped into that role, so adorably!!!!


Zeenat Rasheed said...

I wish there had been more of her in the movie.
I wish I knew more people like her.
I wish I were more like her!

This morning I dreamed that I went to the desi store down the street and bought the JTYJN DVD for $2. What do you think that means!?

Anonymous said...

..that you're cheap even in your dreams?

Zeenat Rasheed said...

Hey *I* don't set $2 prices, the black market does. Plus it's DVD print quality so it's a win-win situation for me, even if it means you call me cheap :D

I think it means I should go buy the DVD and ogle Imran Khan some more.

Vinay Shikhare said...

I Just love her.... Shez so Georgeous ;-) Love you a lot..