Thursday, April 10, 2008

More like this, Bollywood

Why aren't more movies like this made? From the team that brought you the 'laugh till you drop' Bheja Fry, Mithya is absolutely awesome, in the wierdest kind of way. Its Don peppered with Satya, seasoned with Whole 9/10 Yards. Only difference is that the implant is sent by a rival gang, not the cops.

A darkly funny gangster movie. An interesting genre which I haven't seen experimented with too much, in Bollywood. It has all the cliches. The angry gangster lord. The gorgeous gun moll. The innocent bystander who gets sucked in. And the laughs are not typical - they're strategically placed all across the movie.

But what's awesome about Mithya is the fact that they finally got the dark comedy right. The ending is very noir and very nicely done. The second half does have its weak moments. Its by no means anything close to a perfect movie - but its so refreshing to see Bollywood throw us these googlies in the midst of the rom-coms and action movies that we get used to.

Makes one want to look the industry in the eye and say, "More like this, Bollywood"

In other news, try dialling 1-877-IDOL-AID on a Blackberry. None of RIM's phones have alphabets over their numbers. Add to the growing list of my phone peeves. Hmph!

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