Saturday, May 19, 2007

Unusual for WSJ

I've never seen the Wall Street Journal cartoons make references to socio-political no-nos like caste, religion, etc. Then this cartoon popped up, and made me think that people out here still have a very limited world-view.

No, this joke isn't funny. I'm not dissing the fact that its an India-referenced joke - I'm the first one to laugh at brown jokes. In fact, I make a lot of them as well. I completely understand the reference, and I even understand the thought process of the writer - but I don't think I understand what kind of a point he's trying to make, or even what the humor angle of the joke is. In addition, and most importantly, I feel the cartoon highlights a very limited understanding of social India - and almost reminds me of something a a couple of bully-type kids would snigger about, when a nerd walks by - picking on an attribute that they don't completely perceive at all.

Deriving humor out of non-comprehension is not something I expected from institutions of the repute of WSJ/NYT, etc.

In other news, fun weekend coming up. Hitting up the Sonu/Asha/Kunal/Kailash makes it all the more enticing. concert at the Trump Taj in Atlantic City. Been a while since I hit up the desi event scene - I've tried to stay away as much as possible over the last year. But this concert sounds inviting - especially Sonu's performance, which is always legendary. And of course, trekking up to big bad Atlantic City. Don't miss me too much - shall be back in the spin of the roulette wheel.

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