Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dilli ki Sardi

A few discoveries about Delhi, thought I'd share:

(1) Parallel cars on the road will try to get as ridiculously close to you as possible, just because they can. Kinda like a game. Wish the girls were like that.

(2) Talking of games, the medieval ages had jousting where knights would ride their horses towards each other. In Delhi, cars do the same, by sneaking on to the opposite side of a no-barrier road in an effort to overtake. The opposite traffic car doesn't change path, appears non-plussed that there is a car directly in its path, coming the other way. Actually, it speeds up. Both cars speed up. And merge back into their respective lanes at the last minute. And go on driving as if nothing ever happened.

(3) Traffic signals are like the Rajya Sabha - no impact whatsoever on the moving population.

(4) Gurgaon - a force to reckon with. The growth in this city is amazing. The malls, the skyscrapers and the MNCs that have made it their home.

(5) In Nai Dilli, Fog is a way of life. Its also helps the proliferation of extra-marital affairs. "Raj, who is that girl with you, where is she running, I can't see her face! Dammit!"

(6) Creditworthy: All auto rickshaws and buses in Delhi are CNG-equipped. As eco-friendly as it gets.

Back to Dubai in a few hours.

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Anonymous said...

Yeh to kuch bhi nahin ... come to Jaipur or Mohali where i almost converted to Sukhwinder Singh