Monday, November 27, 2006

In Minnesota, it is illegal to consort with a moose, after having shaved your eyebrows.

You have madness. You have insanity. You have sheer lunacy. And then you have the last 48 hours. Whether it be group-whistling the Munnabhai theme at the movies or playing an obnoxiously loud version of "tapori antakshari" to the annoyance of surrounding mallus, or modifying the lyrics to several classic songs by adding some questionable 'phallacies' to it - yes, we did, and when you get on Google at 5 AM to find more songs to 'phallicitate', you know you have a serious problem. P and I totally got our quizzing groove back on, and irked the girls' egoes with Taboo and Battle of the Sexies. Drank and listened to some serious 'blast from the past' prom music, which made us realize how old we are, then drank some more, as an ode to depression.

Side note: Dhoom 2 was like rocking! Ash looked smoking, but someone in Brazil should've shoved a permanent banana in her mouth to keep her from like talking. Funny guy!

All in all, a real fun weekend. Couldn't help but be amazed by the serenity (and mysticity) of the land of 10,000 lakes. As I told T, everyone's voices were so enhanced to my New Yorkled ears, that I felt that we were all in a sound-proof room with bass-enhancing Bose sound - and this was outdoors. Also - there was enough turkey (and tharki) to go around - and romantic songs will never be the same again. "Do dil...".

P and T - thanks for the wonderful hospitality, and the Mona Lisa clock (inset) - that was tres touching (Don't go there, P!)! It was great to catch up with you guys. Was really sweet how you guys waited till the very end, after security check, to say g'bye - (things you don't see anymore).

N - Was great meeting and singing with you as well - the world is really small (as is.... hyuk hyuk ... jeez corrupted for life). Must detox brain before work. Must detox brain before work.

Hail Moose-olini!


Zeenat Rasheed said...

Glad to see you had such a great time :)

You forgot to phone me of course, so now I will never know what P and T sound like.

Did you find out how Tamanna puts up with him? :P

Paresh said...

Hey! She puts up with me just fine! Look at my hair loss. Does anyone ask me how I put up with her?

Tee said...

Please baby.. we all know it's ur ex who did that. I'm the one glue-ing it back in place:p

Vish, it was great to finally meet you and am really glad that it wasn't awkward. I think you've created a monster :*